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For Ukraine Series

“For Ukraine”, is a collection of digital collages that tell a story about the 2022 War with Russia and its impact on the Ukrainian people. 












Lady of Perpetual Help Pray For Ukraine


The COVID Pandemic Series

Welcome to my pandemic universe. Starting in the Summer of 2020 and continuing through Spring 2021 I created 14 digital collages reflecting on the pandemic and my emotional responses to various aspects of it. 2020 is all about the sadness and pain that crept into our lives, 2021 is about my personal reactions to living in this “new normal” and the challenges it presents.






I Will Slay My Fears



My collages, to me, are more than just a pretty or clever collection of images. They tell stories. Some are very personal, some a commentary on the world around me, and some are just plain fun. So click here to enter this unusual world of my creative mind!






September’s Time Travel – How Things Change



“Tiny Works of Art”

Websites use “banners” to either display something to attract a visitor’s attention or are ads. My “Tiny Works of Art” have graced the Les Malamut Art Gallery’s website for over 4 years announcing its art exhibits, and I’ve also created them for my Studio ‘L’s Facebook page over the last 2 years.

Jewelry – My Wearable Works of Art


Visit these galleries to view my “Digital Gems”, “Poetry for the Body” and my unique necklaces, pendants and pins made from a variety of materials, such as old belt buckles, beads, and semiprecious stones, “found objects” or pieces of outdated jewelry now recycled.






Byzantine Sparkle


Journey Through Remembrance –
New Jersey 9/11 Memorials

These digital montages grew out of my desire to see what NJ towns had erected to remember their lost citizens. Each memorial is combined with images of either the twin towers, the new WTC1 tower, or the national memorial on Ground Zero. I hope that the combination of these images speaks a message about that tragic event, and its ensuing grief, that goes beyond the specific memorial.

Splinters of Grief-Union County NJ memorial


Reflections 2


For the images in this gallery I let the original 15 un-manipulated images of reflections inspire my creativity. Some of these new ones were altered using Photoshop effects, others became part of an old fashioned paper collage or of a digital collage, and in another I used markers to create new images on top of the inkjet printout.

The Cosmic Fashionistas Arrive




These photographs are unique images of various types of reflections captured totally by using the camera’s viewfinder not by applying Photoshop!. The photographs have only been cropped or enhanced for light/dark and contrast. What you see existed in the real world and not created on a computer…amazing!

Who’s Viewing Whom?


Discovering New Jersey

I travel a lot throughout New Jersey and visit Hoboken, Jersey City, and Union township on a regular basis. All of these artworks began as digital photographs, then were enhanced and manipulated in Photoshop, and a few had other media collaged in afterwards.

Waiting Room Nightmare
(Hoboken NJT Train Station)


Digital Art

My starting point is either a digital photograph, or a scanned paper collage. Then in a dialog between my eyes and technology, using Photoshop to manipulate the images, I aim to unlock the story within the image. Once printed out, some I take a step further by enhancing with a conventional medium such as watercolor or colored markers. Each artwork is the result of many experiments, the process is an artistic delight for me and hopefully the result is enchanting to the viewer. 

Concrete Cathedral - NJ Turnpike


After the Dust Has Settled

This collection of images deal with 9/11 and Ground Zero. They are part of a series which eventually will become a book. I have taken my poems and added images. I call this "Word Art."


The Winter Garden is Reborn 






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