The For Ukraine Series

Welcome To My Portrayal of the War in Ukraine




In February of 2022 when Russia began its war with Ukraine I was shocked. Shocked that something so horrendous, the desire for a nation to totally erase another nation’s existence, could occur in the 21st century. As the images of destruction and death started filtering in from the news sources all I could think of was how this reminded me of the terrorist attacks of 9/11 on our own country. As an artist I had to do something. I had to create a series that would throw light on this horror. At first I started by making a pin with the colors of the Ukrainian flag but I knew my jewelry would never make a strong enough statement. Then I made a flag to hang in the rear of my car “Pray For Ukraine” lettered across it. Still I need stronger visuals. So like I did during the Pandemic, I created “For Ukraine”, a collection of digital collages using images from numerous sources to tell a story about this terrorist event and its impact on the Ukrainian people.



Our Lady Of Perpetual Help Pray For Ukraine

Pray For Ukraine

Ukrainian Easter 2022

For Ukraine


St. Javelin Protect Us From Destruction

We Will Fight To the Death

St. Javelin Help Us




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