The COVID Pandemic Series

Welcome To My Pandemic Universe




The series started in 2020 with one scary image of an old-fashioned gas mask. It was summer and the only park not shut down was a cemetery. I photographed tombstones. Then I decided that combining the two would make a good commentary on the state of things and Life Goes On was created.

Series 1, created during the height of the pandemic, reflects my feelings over those dark months. It seemed that no matter what I did or where I'd go, I couldn't escape the fears and sadness of the pandemic. I created 7 digital collages that are abstract comments of life in the year of COVID-19.


The Blues Follow Me


The World In Jumbles

My Altered Universe

We Must Protect Ourselves


What Does the Future Hold?

What Was and Isn't Anymore

Life Goes On




In 2021 I started creating my second pandemic series. Sometimes I felt, and continue to feel, powerless over coping with all this. So in one collage, "I Will Slay My Fears", I Photoshopped my face onto a female sword-wielding warrior! I might not be able to physically slay COVID-19 but keeping a positive attitude helps to slay the fears in my mind. Another topic I focused on is my feelings about getting back to "normal". In "The Past All Shattered and Gone" you can see the background broken up and swirling. "Will We Ever Feel Safe?" portrays how some people, even when vaccinated, still fear catching the virus. After a year plus of pandemic madness, the way we used to live has been altered forever.


My Life Will Never Be the Same

I Will Slay My Fears

My Avatar

The Virus Slayer


The Past All Shattered and Gone

We Need More Than a Vaccine

Will We Ever Feel Safe Again?






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