Welcome to my “Tiny Works of Art” galleries

Websites use “banners” to either display something to attract a visitor’s attention
or are ads. My “Tiny Works of Art” have graced the Les Malamut Art Gallery’s website for over 4 years announcing its art exhibits, and I’ve also created them for my Studio ‘L’s Facebook page over the last 2 years.

Creating these banners is an artistic challenge. You usually have only a 3” by 10” space to work with.  For the Les Malamut Art Gallery, within that space I must not only incorporate the artist’s artwork but also text announcing the details of the exhibit. But I love the challenge to take diverse pieces and collage them together into something that shows off the artist and attracts attention. My Facebook banner can be what ever I want it to be and once again, I take images and collage them together to tell a story.

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Les Malamut Art Gallery Headers

My Facbook covers




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