Artist Biography



Leona M Seufert is a professional writer and multifaceted artist. She works with digital photography and uses those photographs and Photoshop to create unique subject matter for her digital prints. She also creates collages the old-fashioned way, not Photoshopped! Her works have been exhibited in group shows and numerous solo shows in the Metropolitan area.

She has a line of jewelry that combines digital imagery with beads, bling, and other elements. Called “Digital Gems” because each piece has, at its center, instead of a gem, a small segment of a photograph printed out in color on an inkjet printer. These statement pieces are surrounded by beads, gilt, and other “found” objects.

Leona is also a writer and has published three chapbooks. Her most recent, “The Gift of Summer”,  is a collection of poems from her readings at the annual St. Anthony’s Feast, Church of the Assumption, in Roselle Park, NJ. She has published two other chapbooks, “The Memory Keeper’s Promise”, a collections of poems reflecting on loss and remembrance and "From Here To There And Back Again - A Commuter's Journey", a collection of poems about commuting to NYC. Leona is best known for her book, “The 9/11 Year”, a collection of poems and essays written in the year after 9/11. Her website, The World Trade Center Journal, has been an ongoing project, a collection of photos and writings started in October of 2001 and continuing to the present. It documents the physical and emotional environment surrounding 9/11 and Ground Zero. Leona regularly does poetry readings in the New York City, New Jersey area. Click here to view her upcoming schedule.

She graduated from NYC’s prestigious high school for art, The High School of Art & Design, and holds a BA in Theatre Arts from the State University College of Arts and Science, Potsdam, NY. She also has a certificate in jewelry design from the Abracheff School of Art, NYC.

"I believe that art is a healing force for the human psyche. In this world stressed by fears, negativity, wars, and natural disasters, we all need to experience something uplifting. I sincerely hope my art is doing that…making the world a little better."