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Jewelry – My Wearable Works of Art

Explore my wide variety of mixed media “statement” pieces: Necklaces, pins, and pendants.


Teal Splendor


Poetry For the Body

When I design jewelry, my main mission is to create a piece that will not only connect with a wearer but enhances the wearer in some way. I believe that wearing a piece of jewelry can give a boost to one’s personality or state of mind. Thus they can become personal wearable talismans. The poems I wrote for these pieces hopefully express the magical feeling that can help the wearer transcend the banality, negativity, and dark moments of every day life.


Silver Butterfly




Digital Gems


I call these creations “Digital Gems” because each piece has, at its center, a small segment of a photograph, altered in Photoshop and printed out in color on an inkjet printer. These statement pieces, necklaces, pendants and pins are surrounded by beads, gilt, and other “found” objects.

Diamond Ball Necklace









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