From Here To There And Back Again
A Commuter's Journey

a book of poems by
Leona M Seufert

Digitally manipulated photo of New Jersey Turnpike Secaucus overpass

The poems in this book are from a collection I wrote while commuting daily from my home in New Jersey to my job in Manhattan during 2006/2007. Even though I am not new to this geographic location and have traveled into Manhattan many times over the years, making an effort to record these travels gave me a new perspective. Train travel, the people in the city, and the seasons, provided wonderful material for my poems and led to some interesting observations. 


I Ride the Silver Stallion

I ride the silver stallion
Through marshes and wetlands.
Spurring him on, faster, and faster
His gallop parts the grass, the egrets fly.

Above, the sky turns menacingly dark.
Rain falls like stones from a slingshot
Pelting me and my silver stallion. 
He moves slower, the egrets disappear.

Into the mist we ride
The morning sun obscured.
A hawk circles above us
A town passes by the wayside.

The rain drops glisten off his sides.
I feel his movement beneath me
As we enter the dark tunnel.
Only his hoof beats can be heard.

We come out into the light
Then submerge into Penn Station,
The drab canyons of Manhattan above.
Another wet Friday’s commute begun.

I slip my novel into my bag,
Stand up and move slowly with the crowd.
My steed, the silver train, 
Now a fond fantasy, left behind.

© 2007 Leona M Seufert


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