Poem of the Month



Something is missing


The days are dark

As my season of ashes returns.

Too long the night

I cannot sleep.


In the darkness of dreams

I remember back

Laying in bed

No control of my memories.


A map in my hand

As I trace the path

Murky, where, what

I awake to the radio news.


The orbiter Columbia

Is missing

Somewhere above Texas

Somewhere they are all dead.


Another fiery ending

Days passed the 17th anniversary

Of Challenger’s ashes

Left on the launching pad.


Ashes to ashes

Dust to dust

I cringe as this season

Marches darkly on.


From December to February

The season of ashes burns away life.

Columbia, 7 more souls,

Added to my memories.


For me the years accumulate death

Like beads on a rosary.

Gone are many friends, a mentor, a soul mate;

Empty holes in my life.


Something is missing:

7 heroes, a mother, fathers, a lover.

Dreams turned to dust,

The flame of life gone cold.

                                  ©2018   -  Leona M Seufert





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