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The 5 & Dime Turtle


It all began with a little green turtle.

Ralph, the size of a quarter, the only pet she could have.

She loved his bright eyes and perpetual smile

And the way he skittered across the table.


But dime store turtles had a short life.

They died and were replaced.

Mirtle, than Rosalie, all came and went.

Each tiny death broke her heart.


Fritzi, a large New Jersey backyard turtle

Wandered into her life one day.

Red eyes, missing toes, a spotted shell,

She fell in love with him.


She promised him he’d never die.

She played with him, he was her friend.

She gave him a large plastic box for a home.

She missed him when she went to college.


Over the years other turtles came into her life.

Different sizes, species, wild or pet store bought.

All eventually died and were buried in some back yard.

Fritzi outlived all, her companion through life’s ups and downs.


Today, in senior housing, she lives with turtles:

Stuffed, metal, glass, ceramic, the non-living kind.

While others lunch with friends she eats her sandwich

Watching turtles, big and small, swim in the park’s pond.


They remind her of Ralph her first turtle.

Their cute eyes and noses peer up at her.

She goes home to take a nap.

Cuddles Fritzi in her arms, he nestles sweetly in her embrace.


©2019   -  Leona M Seufert




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