Poem of the Month





Dedicated to all who, in 2018,

will not be with us at the Thanksgiving table


If we believe that death is a new beginning, not an end;

A comma, not a period;

A change to something better…

Why are we sitting on the side of the road in pain?


Why are we crying over the burnt bodies

In destroyed cars when we believe

Their pain was but momentary,

That they are now cradled in God’s arms?


Our faith in God is sorely tested

When the flames of destruction

Mutilate our lives.

When gunshots pierce not only the heart

But also the soul it seems no answers shout

From the abyss that yawns at our feet.


Why oh why we ask our God

Must so much violence and destruction

Visit our lives?

Why must it take those we dearly love:

Child, friend, neighbor, or stranger?


As flames lick the sky,

As bullets in another shooting

Pierce more bodies,

We know there are no answers.


Nothing spoken by human voice

Or written down in scripture

Can quell the agony of this moment.

The table, on Thanksgiving, will have empty seats.

Let us have strong enough faith

To see the Lord sitting in our midst,

Comforting us in our pain.

Why wouldn’t He? He loves us.


                        ©2018   -  Leona M Seufert





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