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My mission as an artist is to create art that elevates the soul...my art addresses issues in this world using materials and ideas that enhance and uplift the viewer...and to transport you out of this sometimes depressing and drab existence and into a world of beauty, positive emotion, and wonder.”




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I have just posted my new Jewelry Gallery page. Here I have displayed 9 of my creations. I’ve also set up a new landing page from which you can access all my jewelry galleries.




My Digital Montage "For Those Who Didn’t Return - Elizabeth, NJ" is in Studio Montclair's “Back Story” Exhibition


Through August 20, 2016


“The exhibit includes creations from 24 artists. By exploring their art and words, the viewer will discover the inspirational backstories and artistic evolution that led to each completed piece.”


My submission is part of my NJ 9/11 Memorials project that traces how NJ has remembered its 9/11 victims.


Academy Square, 33 Plymouth Street,
Montclair, NJ.




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