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“I’m Flippin’ Over You!” from my Itty Bitty Turtle series









My mission as an artist is to create art that elevates the soul...my art addresses issues in this world using materials and ideas that enhance and uplift the viewer...and to transport you out of this sometimes depressing and drab existence and into a world of beauty, positive emotion, and wonder.”







Wishing everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day. My little turtle flips over the chance to celebrate a day of friendship and loving wishes. (this is from a series I’m working on where I take my tiny turtle statues and photograph them with other interesting objects)







All of my collages are now collected in a special gallery. There are a total of 18 to view, works that have been created over the last 3 years. All the collages in this gallery were created through the old fashioned “cut and paste” method. No Photoshopping here!



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I not only post my own work but also share photographs of great exhibits I attend, art world news, interesting images of places I’ve visited, and sneak peaks into my works in progress.






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