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Art that elevates the soul...art that addresses issues in this world using materials and ideas that enhance and uplift the viewer...my mission as an artist is to transport you out of this sometimes depressing and drab existence and into a world of beauty, positive emotion, and wonder.

I work in many different media: words, computer generated art, photography, and jewelry. 

I developed this website because I believe art should be shared. Return often, you never know what you may find!

How Did She Do That?

Artist Talk
Tuesday July 8
, 2014  6pm - 8:00pm


Join  me as I explain how I created these weird and sometimes otherworldly images in my current Malamut exhibit,“Reflections – From Real To Surreal”. 

Les Malamut Art Gallery 1980 Morris Ave Union, NJ 908-851-5450.

There will be light refreshments and admission is free.    


“Reflections – From Real to Surreal”

At The Les Malamut Art Gallery
1980 Morris Ave Union, NJ

June 2  – July 31, 2014

Artist Talk Tues July 8, 2014
 6pm - 8:00pm

This exhibit of 30 images combines two of my series, one which was on display at the Casano Community Center Art Gallery in 2013 of photographed reflections that were not altered by Photoshop, and new images that use those photographs as a jumping off point for creative manipulation.

For this exhibit I let those 15 unmanipulated images inspire my creativity. Some were altered using Photoshop effects, others became part of an old-fashioned paper collage or of a digital collage, and in another I used markers to create new images on top of the inkjet printout.

Check out the original "Reflections - Is It Or Isn't Real" series.


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To contact me e-mail:  Studio-L@att.net

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