Acrylic Paintings Series

Emotion in motion, my acrylic paintings are a riot of color, a way to deal with and express turbulent times in my life. All paintings are acrylic on acrylic board.


Anger Series 2003


Painting, the art of engaging the brush on the canvas, is so cathartic. This series was painted just after I lost a job.

                                                                                                                 WTC Memorial 
                                                                                                                             20”x24” Not for Sale

Before the Fall
20”x24” Not for Sale

20”x24” Sold

Fireballs 1
22” x 28” Not for Sale

Fireballs 2






Uncertainty Series 2004


When I do abstract painting, I never quite know what the paint will do. An apt metaphor for my life at that point in time!


Uncertainty 1
24”x20” Not for Sale

Uncertainty 2
24”x20” Sold

Uncertainty 3

Uncertainty 4



Uncertainty 5

Uncertainty 6
20”x24” Sold








Resurrection Series 2005


Color and brush strokes were my hallelujahs in response to a positive period in my life.

Resurrection 1

Resurrection 2
20”x24” Sold

Resurrection 3
12”x24” Sold

Resurrection 4
20”x24” Not for Sale

Resurrection 5






Journey Series 2007


This series was inspired by the many frustrations of commuting daily from NJ to my job in Manhattan.


Journey 1
12”x24” Sold

Journey 2
16”x20” Sold

Journey 3

Journey 4


Journey 6

Journey 7

Journey 8
24”x30” Not for Sale


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